Terms & Conditions

Please read the rental conditions to proceed with the booking of the car

Age Driver - The minimum age for car rental in Millennium Space Rent-a-Car, is 21 years old and are driving license holders valid at least one year. If the driver has 19/20 years there is an additional supplement to pay. (Please see table). In all cases it is required a year of driving license.

Extra Driver - For each additional driver mentioned in the rental agreement, there is an additional supplement to pay. (Please see table). Only the hirer or other duly authorized drivers at the start of the rental agreement (additional drivers) may drive the rented vehicle.

Required Documentation - You must show the following documentation in the vehicle rental act - valid driving license, ID and credit card / valid Debito (non-electronic) with sufficient funds available for car security deposit. This company will not accept virtual credit cards, prepaid or cargo -. Or any other card in which the relevant characters are not blacked out ( 'relief').

Minimum rental - 24 hour rental.

Payments - The estimated cost of the rental plus all the other expenses of the rental company, will have to be paid in advance or as soon as the rental company requires.

Fuel - Not included in the rental. You must deliver the leased vehicle with the same amount of fuel that had to meet him. The customer will not be reimbursed for fuel left more! It is applied a supplement in the amount of € 15.00 refill on the net price of fuel missing. customer's responsibility is the vehicle arrangement in the case of exchange of fuel specified in the vehicle.

Deposit deposit - All rentals are subject to a security deposit, in the form of authorization to a credit card recognized by the Millennium Space Rent -a-Car. The value of this deposit is based on the franchise for damages, fuel and additional days. No checks will be accepted. Security deposit will be blocked at the beginning of the rental, with authorization and knowledge of the client, being refunded to the customer's account at the end of the rental if the vehicle does not present damages or other costs due to the company on the part of the client. Return time of 15 to 30 working days.

Basic Insurance - includes only civil liability.

CDW Insurance - Accident Insurance Collision is required. Prices include insurance unlimited liability under applicable law. It is not an insurance own damage.

When paying the CDW with the hirer is the mandatory minimum deposit reduced. The exact value of the collateral will be determined upon delivery of the vehicle, since the amount of the value is dependent on the rented vehicle type. Once allowed to cash this amount will be returned to deliver the car undamaged. Since the terms and conditions are not violated.

Theft Protection (TP - Theft Protection) or Damage Waiver robbery or theft of the rental car - This insurance eliminates the customer's responsibility total or partial theft of the vehicle, up to a maximum amount of compulsory excess. Having a daily charge, (please see table). With subscription to the Super CDW the customer reduces the payment of the compulsory excess. It does not offer protection against personal property or Customer luggage. It is not an insurance own damage.

SCDW Insurance - Like most insurance policies, our CDW products (Collision Damage) and TP (Theft Protection) they have a compulsory excess which will remain liable for damage situations or theft of the vehicle, regardless of how these two situations are caused. These values ​​vary depending on the type of rented vehicle.

The Supercover (SCDW) reduces the value of this franchise, so do not have to be responsible for the full payment of the same in case of unexpected situations with the vehicle. Having a daily charge, (please see table).

The Supercover (SCDW) does not cover, lost keys or broken, mistakes in the fuel or negligent action or violation of the Rental Agreement, as situations in which the vehicle suffers damage the presence of criminal activity. This protection is available only if the customer's request at the start of rental. (Please see table).

Coverage of damage to the windshield (WDW) - This coverage when hired at the beginning of the rental, free from damage customer on the windshield. Having a daily charge, (please see table). (Except headlights, tail lights and mirrors).

Cover damage or holes in tires (Tire Fee) - This coverage when hired at the beginning of the rental, free paying customer for damage tires. Having a daily charge, (please see table). (Except when off-road use or not suitable paths).

Accidents - In case of accident the client is obliged to remain in place and contact the rental company and the authorities (PSP).

In case the client can leave the scene of the accident without the authorities and the rental company have the knowledge and approval given to the same leave the site. If you do the insurance policies will be automatically void and damages and all additional costs charged to the rental company the customer's responsibility. CONTACT - +00351 - 969 103 199


Delivery and Returns - No additional fees in Funchal. Give / upturns in the airport and out of Funchal plus additional fees (please see table).

Rental Agreement - The customer is required to comply with the dates and times written on the rental agreement itself indicated. In the case of 1 to 4 hours of delay will be calculated an additional amount, (please see table, passing the 4 hours late will be considered a rental day.

Back - Except in cases agreed with the rental company, you must return the car at the station, the date and time agreed. In case of default may be charged additional amounts as stated in the terms and conditions.

Extras number - paid, depending on customer's request, the costs can check the price list displayed.

night service supplements - The client after normal working hours, are required to pay a nightly fee of € 15.00 for any deliveries and upturns the vehicle out of service time.

Fines - All fines, as well as the administrative costs and increases arising therefrom, are the sole responsibility of the driver. The Rent-a-Car Millennium Space reserves the right to inform the police or other companies that request, the personal data of customers, by virtue of fines due for parking, non-payment of tolls or other transgressions made when driving rental vehicle.

Book - You only considered booking, after written confirmation on the part of the rental company.

Vehicle reservations are confirmed by category type, may the make and model being replaced by a similar or higher vehicle due to availability.


Pre - booking - The value of pre - reservation will not be refunded in case of cancellation or other excuses too.

Taxes - All figures are subject to VAT in force at the time of rental.

High Season: In high seasons (June 1st to October 15th - December 1st to january 15th) the base rate increases by 70%.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - The Insurance and Optional Coverages, do not offer protection against damage to tires, wheels, windscreen, upholstery, the lower chassis or the keys of the rented vehicle as well as any other unjustified damage or caused by Customer's negligence.

The CDW does not offer protection against damage to the roof or sides of the rented vehicle due to passing under arches, bridges, walkways and narrow paths or others whose signs indicating prohibition.


Uninsured - GROUP A / G / K (€ 1,600.00), GROUP B / C / H (€ 1,800.00), GROUP D / I (€ 2.000,00) / J (€ 2,500)

With insurance CDW - GROUP A / G / K (franchise of € 600,00), GROUP B / C / H (franchise of € 700,00), GROUP D / I / F / J (€ 1,000.00 deductible)

With insurance SCDW - GROUP A / G / K (franchise of € 250,00), GROUP B / C / H (franchise of € 300,00), GROUP D / I F / J (€ 500,00)

Due to the fluctuation of exchange rates and other possible bank charges, the car rental company can not be responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded.

In the event of contract cancellation or early delivery by the customer, will not be refunded or negotiated any value from the rental company.

Recommendations - If you wish to extend the rental period, must notify at least 24 hours in advance.

We recommend booking in advance, it will be considered only after prolonged final decision from the rental company.


Note: Values ​​and VAT may change without notice due to the times.